Digital Agriculture

Optimize agricultural production and reduce chemical use thanks to smartphones, drones, sensors, 3D models and algorithms

Digital Agriculture

Optimize agricultural production and reduce chemical use with drones, sensors, 3D models and algorithms


iAgro, the first app that quickly and inexpensively allows you to do precision farming just with your smartphone, suggesting the right quanti
tatives of water and agrochemicals for plant protection treatments.

Simple, quick and inexpensive, the app will allow you to optimize production, chemical inputs and water, thanks only to your smartphone! You will be able to obtain information on the biometric parameters of plants (thickness, height, LAI), of the field (TRV, LWA), determine The optimal volumes of water for plant protection treatments and generate Prescription maps for your tree crops (vineyard, orchard, olive grove, citrus grove, almond grove).

Learn about all our services and products to optimize your farm’s all-around management with data: satellite and drone maps, DSS, management software, field sensors and weather stations.

Apps and decision support systems to manage your farm sustainably while reducing costs

Drone surveys to map crops and identify the most stressed or nutrient-deficient areas

Sensors and predictive models to prevent crop diseases and optimize water resources

The Digital Twin of your crops

Create the digital twin of your fields and crops to start optimizing chemical inputs and water!
Agrobit proposes a holistic approach to digital agriculture, leveraging a combination of various innovative technologies (smartphones, drones, field sensors, DSS) to help farmers and technicians assess each plant and field accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


An experienced team with complementary skills and more than a decade of overall experience in the field of digital agriculture and agriculture 4.0. With the experiences of DroneBee and Agricolus, we can really make a difference with more and more innovative solutions.

Niccolò Bartoloni
Niccolò BartoloniCOO
Simone Kartsiotis
Simone KartsiotisCEO
Andrea Cruciani
Andrea CrucianiCFO
Antonio Donnangelo
Antonio DonnangeloTechnical Sales Agronomist
Giuditta Bertani
Giuditta BertaniCommunication Manager


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