We are a multidisciplinary team, from engineering to agronomy to ICT! With years of expertise in digital agriculture and precision farming, we can provide answers to the most demanding requirements. Professionalism, teamwork, precision and expertise are our key words to satisfy all our clients.

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Agrobit is an innovative startupfounded in February 2022 that develops solutions for Digital Agriculture (Agriculture 4.0). Based in Florence, the company aims tosupport agricultural companies, agribusiness chain technicians, and industry professionals in optimizing field work, reducing costs and increasing productivity and quality of agricultural products.

The idea grew out of the founders’ passion for the agricultural sector and farmers, with the intention of developing products and services to help them quickly and easily monitor their crops and support them in making decisions to increase the economic, environmental and social sustainability of production and reduce costs.


Niccolò Bartoloni
Niccolò BartoloniCOO
Simone Kartsiotis
Simone KartsiotisCEO/CTO
Andrea Cruciani
Andrea CrucianiCFO

National and international projects

Winners of the 2014-2020 Tuscany RDP submeasure 16.2 call for proposals with the “iVine” project (budget €200,000), for optimization of pesticide management in the vineyard via mobile app.

Winners of the EIT Food – Test Farms 2022 call, which aims to connect innovative companies with farms to field test digital agriculture technologies to understand their benefits.

Awards and Recognition

Winners of access to the G-Factor 2022 acceleration path promoted by the Golinelli Foundation and CRIF SpA.


Remote sensing from drone with multispectral and thermal cameras, production of vigor and water stress maps, geospatial data analysis, resale of drones and sensors, training.

E-commerce for adopting vineyards from small local vintners implementing sustainable viticulture. Certificate of adoption, wines and winery experiences are waiting for you, even to give a gift!


Weather stations, leaf wetness sensors, soil sensors and predictive models to optimize phytosanitary treatments and better manage the water resource.

The complete agritech platform for precision agriculture, created to simplify and enhance field work, with a view to environmental and economic sustainability.

Zephyr Aerospace is a Forli-based company that focuses on designing ad hoc drones for every industry and need, as well as integrating sensors and cameras into remotely piloted aerial vehicles.

Aerovision is one of the first drone flight schools in Italy. If you need training and to get your APR pilot’s license, the school can help you in any application area.

DJI is a world leader in the design and sale of professional drones for every budget and every need, from thermal remote sensing to multispectral remote sensing to aerial spraying.

Pix4D is the world’s leading manufacturer of drone photogrammetry software. The Pix4Dfields suite is specifically for digital agriculture and prescription map making.

Parrot is Europe’s leading drone manufacturer. Simple, functional, and inexpensive drones in addition to the Sequoia+ multispectral sensor, which can be integrated into a breadth of aerial media.

We help farmers optimize production while reducing costs

Learn more about how digital agriculture can help you improve the production and quality of your agricultural products!


We help farmers optimize production while reducing costs

Learn more about how digital agriculture can help you improve the labor, production, and quality of your agricultural products, increasing sustainability and reducing waste!
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