iAgro allows, through a 3D photographic scan with your smartphone, to characterize the canopy geometry of tree crops (vine, olive, fruit trees, almond, citrus) and assess vigor parameters such as LAI (Leaf Area Index), LWA (Leaf Wall Area) and TRV (Tree Row Volume). Finally, the app determines the optimal dose of water and agrochemical to be distributed in the field, based on the type of farm sprayer and the disease to be prevented or fought.
All information collected is georeferenced and historicized to create vegetative variability maps and prescription maps for variable pesticide treatments, which can be exported directly from the app.

iAgro is your agronomic assistant that can be used for:
– create the master data of your plots
– Organize agronomic information, share it, and plan field operations according to the principles of precision agriculture
– Create virtual digital models (digital twin) of your tree crops
– Determine the canopy thickness, height and volume of the scanned plants
– Assessing the vegetative vigor (LAI) of the scanned plants
– Evaluate the field parameters LWA and TRV
– Evaluate the optimal dose of water and pesticides
– Create maps of vegetative variability to optimize operations such as fertilization and harvesting
– Create prescription maps for variable pesticide treatments
– Export the collected data in tabular format (.csv)
– Export maps in raster (.tiff) and vector (.shp) formats.

iAgro Farmer is for you who are:

– Small/medium farm up to 50 hectares
– Agronomy consulting firm wanting to monitor up to 50 hectares
– Professional technician (agronomist, agrotechnician) who wants to monitor up to 50 hectares