Agrobit contributes to the achievement of some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The goals are aimed at ending poverty, fighting inequality, and social and economic development. They also take up aspects of fundamental importance to sustainable development such as addressing climate change and building peaceful societies by the year 2030.

Agrobit’s solutions guarantee sustainable food production systems, thanks to the implementation of agricultural practices that increase farmers’ income and production, that help maintain ecosystems, strengthen the ability to adapt to climate change and progressively improve the territory and soil quality.

Agrobit, through its solutions, is committed to substantially reducing the use of chemicals in agriculture, such as agrochemicals, which are responsible for air, water and soil pollution. Ensuring healthy lifestyles and well-being for all, at all ages, is one of the overarching goals of sustainable development and essential for common prosperity.

Agrobit is committed to reducing pollution to improve water quality, minimizing the release of chemicals into the environment while increasing the efficiency of water use in agriculture.

Agrobit is committed to improving overall resource, consumption and production efficiency. It is also committed to achieving higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation, including targeting high value-added in labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture.

The UN supports and promotes investments in innovation, scientific and technological research, which increase economic growth, create jobs and promote prosperity. Agrobit is committed to optimizing the resources to be used and to adopting clean and environmentally friendly technologies to make agricultural businesses more sustainable by 2030.

The UN promotes support for economic, social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning. The precision agriculture promoted by Agrobit aims precisely at creating and improving, where they exist, the relationships between rural and urban areas, in order to have increasingly sustainable communities.

The world’s population currently consumes more resources than it produces. For sustainable social and economic development, it is necessary to arrive at an efficient management of natural resources. Agrobit’s solutions help farmers optimize their work by reducing waste and optimizing the use of pesticides, water and fertilizer.

Agrobit poses information and training among its primary goals, organizing courses and events to transfer the skills of more sustainable and environmentally conscious agriculture directly to the agricultural sector, increasing awareness of new technologies and their economic, social and environmental impact. In particular, Agrobit is committed to. sensitize all agricultural stakeholders on the negative effects of climate change and how they can be mitigated and prevented.

Biodiversity conservation is vital for social and economic development, as well as for the survival of humanity. Biodiversity and forests contribute to poverty reduction and are the basis of food security and human health, as they ensure clean air and water, absorbing CO2 emissions. Agrobit promotes the careful use of chemical inputs through digital technologies that enable a better understanding of what is happening in the field to make targeted and optimized decisions.

We help farmers optimize production while reducing costs

Learn more about how digital agriculture can help you improve the production and quality of your agricultural products!

We help farmers optimize production while reducing costs

Learn more about how digital agriculture can help you improve the labor, production, and quality of your agricultural products, increasing sustainability and reducing waste!
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